Legacy Foundation of Southeast Arizona

2021 Fast Pitch Awardees

On February 24, 2021 The Legacy Foundation awarded 12 nonprofit organizations with Fast Pitch grants totaling $27,572. Fast Pitch grants are grants designated to build organizational capacity through technology (such as computers and software), or internal education (such as conferences and training).

The following is a list of the organizations awarded, the amount of their awards, and the projects the grants will be used toward.

Arizona Rangers 


Acquisition of 3 laptop computers for more efficient and effective workflows

City of Sierra Vista (SEACOM)


Offsetting the cost to produce and maintain a website for our organization.  The site would include educational links, documents, and information specific to 911 Emergency Services in Cochise County           

Cochise Family Advocacy Center, Inc.


This grant will assist with internal advanced technology by structuring and organizing data for efficiency in time management and sustainability of resources      

Echoing Hope Ranch


We would like a staff member certified in Autism Fitness® for quality of life, development, and lifelong independence. Covid has changed how we provide services. We need Chromebooks for remote staff and a desktop computer for on-site support staff             



Funding will be used to purchase a 2021 Macbook Air, Microsoft 365 software, a WordPress website, a ZOOM small teams account, and graphic design work               

Fry Fire District


The grant will be used to cover the cost of the initial training and implementation of an online performance management tool called Tenzinga              

Huachuca City Police Department


This funding is for a long term safety training/education program. These training aids will be used in team and individual skills in an unlimited training scenarios and environments for everything from use of force to shoot don’t shoot training   

Pomerene Elementary District


This Grant will help with a leadership team retreat aimed at identifying needs using a comprehensive needs assessment tool, as well as developing an integrated action plan to better ensure continued success for students and staff at Pomerene School

Sierra Housing Resource Partners


We will use these funds to host a county wide affordable housing summit and workshop.  This summit/workshop will be focused on assessing the current affordable housing and developing a plan to address affordable housing in our region    

The Bisbee Senior Association


Train Board Members and Director of Operations so they can develop and understand the skills needed to run a nonprofit, volunteer organization, to include the use of current technology to operate efficiently

Volunteer Interfaith Caregiver Program (VICaP)


Professional Development & Training for Office Staff      

Willcox Theater and Arts, Inc. (WTA)


To increase the efficiency of WTA with the addition of 2 computers for accounting and office management, a high-quality color printer, QuickBooks from TechSoup, and 4 portable hard drives to facilitate high-density video and graphics work from home           

Congratulations to the awardees of the 2021 Fast Pitch Grant.

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