Legacy Foundation of Southeast Arizona

Grants Awarded FY24

Fast Pitch Grant Awards $31,189.93

The Fast Pitch grant supports an organization’s ability to operate efficiently and build capacity through education such as conferences, webinars, speakers, or training curriculum for staff, board, or volunteers. The purchase of technology and software used to build internal capacity of the nonprofit organization is also included in the Fast Pitch Grant.

Funds will be used to strategically adopt QuickBooks accounting software. This technological advancement strengthens BSERC’s financial foundation and sustainability.

Funds will purchase a POS system for a new thrift shop within the coffee shop.

The Mantis X3 Training System, along with Bluetooth technology will provide every officer within the agency the ability to complete Arizona Officers and Standards and Training (AZPOST) continuous training requirements.

Tombstone Marshal’s Office has online required training which is required by Arizona Peace Officer and Standards Training (AZPOST). This program will provide the deputy and employees law enforcement computers for training that are separate from law-enforcement sensitive computers.

Cochise Chess will use the funds for its leaders to attend the St. Louis Chess Conference, enhancing teaching strategies and community engagement to elevate our bilingual chess program’s impact in rural Cochise County.

This will be used to pay for new security cameras and a new network switch for our internet services.

This grant would be used to send CHR staff to ADHS’ Annual Symposium on HIV, HCV, and STIs in Phoenix in April.

These grant funds will be used to purchase upgraded equipment for its youth recording studio. This equipment will be used by studio interns/staff to learn current systems & techniques in the audio engineering field & to better instruct our students.

Implementation of QuickBooks Advanced with Payroll plus HR will improve organizational efficiency and provide for easier financial tracking and reporting.

This grant will be used for the purchase of a camera and for photojournalism workshops to support the work of our 24 volunteer citizen journalists at the Patagonia Regional Times.

Funds will be used to send three people to the 2024 Arizona Rural Policy Forum (RPF) to enrich SEAGO staff with new connections, programs, funding sources, education, and inspiration.

Funds will be used  towards professional development and additional training opportunities for its paid-staff members in order to learn and grow to best serve our Neighbors.

WTA senior staff will learn new strategies, techniques, and technologies through attendance at 2 conferences. Additionally, funds will purchase a cloud subscription to Jotform to enhance its participant data collection and surveying.

Responsive Grant Awards $73,331.06

The Legacy Foundation of Southeast Arizona collaborates with The Arizona Community Foundation of Cochise. Cooperatively each organization funds grants up to $5,000 for a one year project.

The Legacy Foundation accepts applications for grants pertaining specifically to population health and community wellness. All other grant requests are made directly to Arizona Community Foundation of Cochise.

The summer heat has been an issue for the Rangers with their current uniforms. The funds will be used to purchase summer uniforms.

The Bisbee Coalition for the Homeless provides almost 12,000 meals to individuals throughout Cochise County every month.

The funds will be used to help transport food and produce that is not available in the immediate area.

The funds will be used for their Brain Gain project to engage Club kids throughout the summertime and after-school programs in educational basics. Kids will be taught the basics including printing names, learning their emergency information, basic spelling, math and reading skills.

Accordion Content

The funds will be used for their “Healthy Choices at Your Library”, a synergistic, STEAM-based nutrition education program.  Kids learn to have fun cooking and to enjoy healthy snacks. They leave with knowledge that empowers them to make more informed lifelong health choices.

The funds will be used to purchase computer equipment and software for the Tombstone Senior Center to assist seniors with technology. 

Many seniors do not have the ability to participate in telehealth with their doctors without assistance or have the knowledge to order groceries online.  This funding will provide the seniors with these important services.

Seeking to bring rural seniors out of isolation, the Picture Willcox project is a photography-based educational workshop designed to facilitate connections between older adults in rural southern Arizona, their peers, and the community.

Douglas ARC is involved with preparing and delivering 175 home delivered meals five days a week.

The funds will be used to purchase take-out food containers that are used daily.

The funds will be used to purchase food for their pantry for residents in Bowie and San Simon.  “Needs continue to rise while donations continue to dwindle.”

The funds will be used to purchase incontinence supplies for adults, such as pull-ups, tabbed diapers, wipes, and bed pads for Cochise County residents. Distribution occurs monthly at the Huachuca City Community Center.

The funds will be used to purchase fire prevention education supplies. These supplies will be used during fire prevention week, and during ongoing safety and prevention activities throughout the school year in San Simon.

The funds will be used for the Senior Center to upgrade its commercial kitchen to stainless steel worktables, counters, cabinets, and kickplates. This upgrade is for increased hygiene and sanitation, meal preparation efficiency, and overall appearance. 

The Senior Center serves 166 registered clients who are all senior citizens and/or people with disabilities living in the Patagonia, Sonoita, Elgin and Canelo areas.

The funds will be used for two one-hour symphonic children’s concerts – free of charge – with lecture points and instructional materials prepared in accordance with Arizona instructional requirements for music education to teachers and schools, and a Concerto Competition for high-school aged musicians residing in Cochise County.

The funds will be used for the fire district to undertake its first strategic planning process in FY23-24 to lay the foundation for better serving the community as they progress towards the district’s 20-year anniversary.

The funds will allow Special Olympics to support inclusive sports programming in Cochise County.  Funds will be used to support outreach to Douglas and Ft. Huachuca and competitions that encourage athletes to participate to their fullest extent.

The funds will be used for the Kid’s Culinary Project to encourage healthy eating, increase cooking skills, and teach youth healthy habits to increase positive outcomes associated with the social determinants of health.

The funds will pay for installing a water fountain with bottle filler. This will provide residents with water and will encourage them to engage in physical exercise. The project also includes partial funding for the purchase of an ice machine to provide refreshments during free town events.

Funding will pay for School Resources Officer (SRO) training.   The SRO position will be recognized as a member of the National Association of School Resources Officer. This SRO will assist the school, Town, and students in a way that was never previously provided due to budgetary constraints and staffing levels.

Funding will pay for food for families in need of Emergency Food Supplements and monthly food box distribution.  The pantry has seen a 68% increase in need compared to last year.

The funds will be used to create a new art club at Willcox Middle School in partnership with the school and a teacher sponsor, filling the critical need for art and creative instruction. WTA will provide instruction and supplies for all students to feed their creative needs.

Innovative Grant Awards $589,002

Each year the Legacy Foundation offers Innovative Grants up to $50,000 a year for up to two years ($100,000 max). These projects must meet at least one of the Innovative criteria contained within the grant guidelines.

The Club was awarded funding to place a satellite club at Palominas Schools.

Funds will be used to install unisex restrooms at Quail Park in Willcox.

The City of Douglas will purchase and install a fitness court at Veterans Memorial Park.

The garden will install plant identification signs with QR codes, new benches, a gazebo, and replace roses.

A new community center and food pantry will be developed at a newly purchased building in Bowie.

Homeless people and their pets will now both be welcome at Good Neighbor Alliance with funding to build a small pet kennel onsite.

This project supports survivors of suicide through train-the-trainer support groups.

Making the gardens accessible by making it wheelchair and walker friendly is the intent of this project.

An auto chest-compression device will be purchased with grant funds making response to cardiac arrest more effective.

The Salvation Army will employ a case worker to refer clients to local resources and to help people get a hand-up, not just a hand-out. A mobile meals staff member will help with production of mobile meals.

WASA will employ a program director to run the Bridging Generations Program and WASA programs at Willcox schools.

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