Legacy Foundation of Southeast Arizona

Our Mission, Vision and Shared Values


Promoting Population Health and Community Wellness Throughout Southeast Arizona


Southeast Arizona . . . the Health and Wellness Model for the Nation

Shared Values

  • Collaboration: We will partner with others to achieve our mission.
  • Innovation: We will foster and contribute to change and new ideas.
  • Integrity: We will be open and honest in our interactions.
  • Respect: We will treat everyone fairly and honor the dignity and worth of all individuals.
  • Stewardship: We will ensure responsible use of all assets entrusted to us.
  • Knowledge: We will foster opportunities to gather and share knowledge.

Our Story

The Legacy Foundation of Southeast Arizona has been helping to serve the needs of Southeast Arizona since it was founded in July of 1963 as “Western Baptist Hospital of Sierra Vista and Cochise County” which was the only acute care hospital in Sierra Vista. Later the hospital was renamed Sierra Vista Regional Health Center and served as a regional medical center for many years.

In January 2013, after years of seeking the right partner to achieve the goal of building a replacement hospital, the Sierra Vista Regional Health Center Board of Trustees selected RegionalCare Hospital Partners as its long-term partner. The Board Trustees had been adamant that for any partnership to work, they had to be assured that a new replacement hospital would be built. RegionalCare Hospital Partners met this requirement by developing a pre-paid 40-year lease of the Sierra Vista Regional Health Center operations. The pre-payment provided the up-front capital necessary to fund the building of the replacement hospital which opened in 2015.

As of May 1, 2013, with the transfer of the operations of the hospital and associated health care services to the new operator of Canyon Vista Medical Center, and using the assets of Sierra Vista Regional Health Center, the Legacy Foundation was initiated and began its new mission of promoting population health and well being in Southeast Arizona.

Described as a Health Conversion Foundation, the Legacy Foundation began with a corpus of approximately $60 million.

The Mission Vision and Shared Values of the newly formed Legacy Foundation of Southeast Arizona were designed and adopted to reflect the rich history of Sierra Vista Regional Health Center.

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