Legacy Foundation of Southeast Arizona

Our Priorities

Population Health and Community wellness, in other words, a healthy community, is a community where people have the opportunity to make healthy choices in environments that are safe, equitable, free from violence, and designed to promote health.

The Legacy Foundation promotes healthy communities through our focus on four priorities:


Philanthropy involves giving initiatives for the public good and focus on quality of life. In fulfilling its work as a private foundation, the Legacy Foundation’s giving initiatives include donations through our Grant Cycles.

  • Strategic Grants: grants for specific initiatives the Legacy Foundation Board identifies. Strategic Assessment studies as well as information from existing public health data may be used to identify opportunities.
  • Innovative Grants: grants to support innovative ideas that support the mission of Promoting Population Health and Community Wellness.
  • Responsive Grants: grants in response to special requests or needs from the communities served.
  • Emergent Grants: grants for assistance with urgent or immediate community needs.
  • Fast Pitch Grants: education and technology grants to strengthen an organization’s ability to operate efficiently.

Capacity Building

Community capacity building is the process of developing and strengthening the skills, instincts, abilities, processes and resources that organizations and communities need to survive, adapt, and thrive in the fast-changing world.

In fulfilling its Mission, the Legacy Foundation plays a significant role in supporting capacity-building efforts.

The Legacy Foundation offers grants designated to build organizational capacity through education and resource development.  Additionally, the Legacy Foundation promotes capacity building by offering free monthly workshops for nonprofit organizations. Topics such as fundraising, board development, strategic planning, and media and marketing are examples of classes offered.


Community collaboration and organization development are fostered when passions are shared and organizations work together to improve communities.

The Legacy Foundation supports community collaboration by partnering with and convening organizations to promote partnerships and synergies.

The Legacy Foundation also requires collaboration between organizations applying for grants.


Innovation is the use of new and better ideas and solutions to meet needs.

The Legacy Foundation fosters and contributes to change and new ideas by providing community leadership and supporting others to be innovative in fulfilling their organizational missions.


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