Legacy Foundation of Southeast Arizona

Grants Awarded FY22

Fast Pitch Grant Awards $28,514

The Fast Pitch Grants support an organizational education to strengthen an organization’s ability to operate efficiently and build capacity. The purchase of technology and software is included in Fast Pitch funding.

The Rangers will use the funds for CPR Training.

This grant will provide education on needed strategic planning and team-building with the Board and Practitioners of the Bisbee Holistic Wellness Center (BHWC).

Grant will be used to assist with archiving Museum contents and recreate exhibits that have been removed for archiving.  We also hope to ensure that contact with the public is as safe as possible using the Square “contactless” Terminal.

This grant will be used to fund travel costs for the three representatives from the Bisbee Science Exploration and Research Center, Inc. to attend the Association of Science and Technology Centers Conference in September 2022.

This grant will be used for the education and training of our new Resource Development Staff. In order for our organization to be at its strongest, our Resource Development staff needs to participate in strong and ongoing training.

The grant money will be used to replace old computers and provide staff training and education to do their job efficiently and accurately.

This will be used for a printer that interfaces with our MacBook Air 2021, Adobe Pro, GoDaddy Renewal, Mounted prints, Business Cards, Banner and an outside consultant.

Education- These funds would pay for flights and hotel for team of 4 directors in order to attend a Directors’ Meeting in Los Angeles California.             

Purchase of two laptops and accessories for our NAMI on Campus Club to use solely for NAMI business, information, and communications and to provide the classes and materials for the NAMI on Campus officers. 

This grant would be used for journalist development and training for our 18 volunteer writers, QuickBooks training for nonprofits for our bookkeeper, and a computer for our ad manager / administrative assistant to assist in graphic design.

The grant will be used to provide PSMA with an updated inventory database.

The grant will be used to upgrade our current technology resources.

WTA will engage a consulting firm to restart our capital campaign and conduct an organizational review; purchase a license to research new funders and a laptop for virtual learning and conferences.   These are needed to adapt effectively post-Covid.  

Responsive Grant Awards $60,205

The Legacy Foundation of Southeast Arizona collaborates with The Arizona Community Foundation of Cochise. Cooperatively each organization funds grants up to $5,000 for a one year project.

The Legacy Foundation accepts applications for grants pertaining specifically to population health and community wellness. All other grant requests are made directly to Arizona Community Foundation of Cochise.

El Centro Summer Student Mentoring Program.

The grant will purchase computers as well as a printer, and pay professional tutors from the Naco and Bisbee school districts to work with youth at the community center 8 hours a week for 8 weeks.  The funds will employ one youth to prepare a newsletter each month that can be disseminated to our supporters.

Life-skills Classes for the Homeless.

The grant will purchase the needed audio/video equipment, class resources like hand-outs, binders, paper, instructional DVDs, instructors (if needed) and computers.          

Get Up, Get Active!

Get Up, Get Active! will upgrade old equipment, sports equipment storage space, and offer affordable sports programming to youth. This grant will help battle child obesity trends by offering better programs outcomes and promote and encourage healthy lifestyles within community youth.        

City of Douglas STEM StoryWalk™.

“STEM StoryWalk® — Science Outside the Walls” will allow us to extend the library’s current site-based STEM learning outdoors to 10th Street Park and to create new, interactive, curated learning experiences related to or adjacent to the STEM activities now in place on-site and online. Our vision is to make science fun and accessible by moving it outside the traditional bounds of the library.        

Keiller Park Fitness Equipment.  

The City of Willcox plans to purchase ten different types of fitness equipment designed for outdoor use along the walking path at Keiller Park. The following types of equipment will be purchased: assisted row/push-up, chest/back press, tai chi wheels, plyometrics, squat press, cardio stepper, ab crunch/leg lift, mobility, hand cycler, elliptical, pull-up/dip, balance steps, stretch and parallel bars.

Douglas Arc Feeds Our People.

Douglas Arc is an organization that provides employment to people with developmental disabilities and has for the past 57 years. Douglas ARC cooks and delivers over 1050 meals weekly to over 175 Senior Citizens and the homebound in Douglas, Bisbee, Elfrida, Pirtleville, and McNeal with the Meals on Wheels Program. This grant will purchase a new 3 door stainless steel reach-in freezer creating the opportunity to freeze meats and vegetables received from The Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona. It also provides space to freeze and store meals cooked each week. 

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA).

Granted funds will help cover expenses for materials, farmers market booth space, transportation costs for deliveries, equipment repair and staff. Funds will also help to expand the current produce offered, including purchasing fruit trees for an orchard.  

Bisbee Bikeways.

Funding will go towards hiring a Project Manager who will continue to advocate for the adoption of the Bisbee Area Mobility Master Plan (BAMMP), help bring the Lavender Pit Pathway feasibility study to implementation, and foster a collaborative partnership with the Sun Corridor Alliance.

Moving Truck with Lift.

Family Health Care Amigos will purchase a used 20–22-foot light duty moving truck, non-CDL, with a lift.  We will then license and insure that vehicle. 

Cochise County CPR Coalition.

The initial funding will go directly into purchasing CPR manikins that provide compression effectiveness indicators, advertising, handouts and personnel cost. With the initial amount, over 1,000 students and 20 instructors will be taught in the first 12 months.  

GNA Vehicle.  

This money will be used to purchase a reliable vehicle in order to own the vehicle outright. This will allow us to use the vehicle independent of any one particular program. 

Increased Food Costs, Supplies, Gas.

Funds will primarily be used to meet increased costs due to rising food prices and the loss of two major sources of food donations. Specifically, Safeway–14,160 lbs. in 2020 and our local produce provider–6324 pounds in 2020. The cost of gasoline and food related supplies has also increased. 

HOPE, Inc. Training & Development Project.

Funds will be used to support development & oversight of HOPE’s counseling services in SEAZ. The funds will invest in training staff in a new curriculum (Interweave Wellness Groups), and train 2-3 to be Trainers so we can sustain the program. Remaining funding will be spent on refreshing outdated curricula. 

AZ Prep Youth Mentoring Program.

Receiving this grant will provide youth in our community with a one on one mentoring and athletic training program. These funds will pay for coaching/ref staff, mentors, and gym facilities where the courts and classrooms are used to operate this program.  

Stock Our Shelves (SOS).  

SAHARA will use the funds to partially stock the Food Pantry. To meet the needs of the community, it costs approximately $1,250 a month in order to restock the pantry shelves, with food, cleaning supplies, toiletries and personal hygiene items. 

Service and Therapeutic Companion Dog Training Program.

The Service/Therapeutic Companion Dog Training Program aims to improve the health outcomes of veterans with PTS/TBI by pairing them with a rescue dog, or dog of their choice, to train over the course of 6-9 months; creating a lasting bond between veteran and service dog that will reduce their symptoms related to PTS/TBI through ongoing training and mentorship. 

It’s In The Bag.  

Sunsites Pearce Fire District will use the grant funds to purchase 5 emergency medical equipment bags and module cells for each bag. These bags will replace current medical bags that are on our ambulances and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) vehicles that are in decay and dire need of replacement.  

Kid’s Virtual Culinary Program.

The Kids Virtual Culinary program provides an online cooking class for low-income Sierra Vista youth. Utilizing fun recipes, nutritious ingredients, and live cooking instruction, classes help kids practice healthy cooking in their own homes. The Salvation Army provides ingredients along with utensils needed for the recipe. 

RideScheduler Software & Mileage Reimbursement.

These funds will support a one-year subscription to our automated web-based scheduling software, RideScheduler, which is an invaluable tool for our staff and volunteers to maintain and improve our services.  This funding will also contribute to our mileage reimbursement fund for volunteer drivers.

Innovative Grant Awards $534,396

Each year the Legacy Foundation offers Innovative Grants up to $50,000 a year for up to two years ($100,000 max). These projects must meet at least one of the Innovative criteria contained within the grant guidelines link below.

Arizona’s Children Association (AzCA)- Staff Education and Training Project.

Funding will deliver evidence-based, best practice training and education in trauma-informed care to AzCA staff, outside Behavioral Health or Human Services professionals also serving children, youth and families in Cochise and Southeast Santa Cruz Counties, and students enrolled in a post-secondary education program related to Human Services or Behavioral Sciences.

Public Restrooms Designed for Health and Safety.

The grant will assist in funding construction of a new inclusive outdoor restroom design concept that moves away from gender-designated to universal restrooms. Single-stall restrooms with outdoor durability and touchless technology providing universal services will be constructed. The universal design will not prioritize certain users over others. We aim to provide a welcoming space, more inclusive and respectful of privacy for all, and a reflection of our evolving social values.  

Airport Park Walking Path LED Solar Lightning.

Douglas’ Airport Park, located at the edge of town and adjacent to the historic Douglas Municipal Airport provides scenic views and is heavily utilized by the community. It offers a new baseball stadium, LED lighted soccer fields, exercise stations, a BMX course, and a walking path around the park. Currently, inadequate lighting on an already improved paved walking path limits this park to daylight hours. The proposed new lighting will allow for increased utilization of the facilities.     

Priority Dispatch ProQA Emergency Police Dispatch.

Emergency Police Dispatch protocols improve our call taking process by providing a consistent level service and by asking key questions unique to each situation ensuring critical safety and time sensitive information are being obtained. This improves scene safety for callers, bystanders and first responders while allowing dispatchers to provide pre-and-post arrival instructions regarding safety and potentially life-saving instructions.

Copper Queen Library StoryWalk.

The Copper Queen Library StoryWalk Project will create three permanent story paths in three Bisbee neighborhoods that will encourage reading and outdoor physical activity.  A StoryWalk is an outdoor reading experience whereby a children’s book is deconstructed and the pages of the book are laminated and placed in permanent kiosks along a walking trail.      


Project Lobo Strides – Rubberized Sports Track.    

Project Lobo Strides will replace the existing dirt track at our school with a new rubberized track and implement a community walking program. As a result of COVID, family engagement decreased.  Project Lobo Strides will welcome our community families back; encourage family and school community building around shared physical activity while providing incentives for milestones met and providing physical and mental wellness education. This project promotes healthy lifestyles and builds community.

Good Neighbor Alliance (GNA) Day Program.

GNA currently opens its doors/property to guests from 5 PM until 7:30 AM the following morning, except for the shower/laundry program for our non-guests 3 days per week. GNA is proposing allowing the guests that choose to, to stay during the day to avoid wandering the streets and exposure to the elements.  Guests will be invited to participate in a variety of structured learning and experiential activities designed to increase their soft skills and reach personalized goals.         

Teaching Wellness in a Community Garden Park.

This grant will assist in the complete development of the Teaching Garden for children where they will learn to garden, and learn with STEM projects what controls the growth of plants.  With healthcare partners, trained dietitian nutritionists, and videographers, interactive workshops and videos for children and adults will be developed to teach healthy eating and a healthier lifestyle for a vibrant community.

AZ Prep Community Gymnasium.

This funding will be used for the construction/supply costs of an indoor basketball gym to be added onto the land behind our AZ Prep Youth Center. The center focuses on Arts, Academics, and Athletics. The center provides a safe place for high school students to do homework or participate in any of our ongoing activities. We do not currently have a gym to facilitate this athletic program. 

Save our Students: School Mentoring Program for Youth.

Mentoring Cochise Kids (MCK) is excited to begin a new initiative called “Save our Students “. Children in single parent homes and other disadvantaged situations is the focus of this innovative program. We will collaborate with the School Districts in Cochise County as well as with the many children advocates that we work with to ensure success of this new and exciting endeavor.

Community Cohesion Through Arts & Culture.

Willcox Theater and Arts, Inc. will expand both the number and types of creative programs to support residents’ varied interests, serve more people, and increase focus on youth and seniors. By adding approximately 5200 sf of creative studio space ‘behind’ our existing buildings, seniors and youth in particular, will benefit from both expanded and new programs. They will achieve mental and physical health benefits by reducing social isolation, building life skills through creative activities, and mental stimulation.

Strategic Grant Award $2,844,289: Awarded Over 3 Year

Each year the Legacy Foundation of Southeast Arizona Board identifies a strategic focus and encourages community organizations providing services within that focus to apply for funding. Because partnerships are so critical to success, organizations are encouraged to submit applications that reflect collaboration with other organizations. 

CCHCI’s Behavioral Health Services Program Expansion.

Through the Strategic Grant funding, CCHCI will renovate suites C240, A260, and B150 located at 77 Calle Portal, Sierra Vista, to be a dedicated outpatient behavioral health service area. With the oversight of an experienced architect, the suites will be designed by current CCHCI Behavioral Health Professionals to ensure the layout creates an efficient environment that inherently fosters the workflow, collaboration and communication ideal to provide behavioral health services at the highest possible standard of care. The office space will double CCHCI’s staffing space from eight to sixteen offices, expanding capacity to hire an additional five behavioral health staff (three counselors and two case managers). In addition to the increased staff, the office will also provide large meeting rooms to enable the facilitation of support groups and group counseling sessions. A dedicated Behavioral Health Department will provide patients 4530 square feet of space specifically designated and designed to their mental health needs. 

Cochise College Basic Behavioral Health Certification Program.

With the strategic grant, Cochise College is creating a Behavioral Health Sciences Certification program. The program will create classes that result in certification as a Behavioral Health Tech, a position that will help fill the workforce gap. The Behavioral Tech program will be open to anyone interested in starting a career in behavioral health. 

Cochise County Service Expansion Project.

Expand behavioral health services in Cochise County is La Frontera’s goal with the strategic funds. Expansion includes increased capacity for transitional housing, particularly for those with behavioral health issues who are homeless or being discharged from jail. Capacity will increase from 19 beds to 35 beds. Funding includes creating a commercial kitchen for the transitional housing program. The transitional housing expansion is located in Benson. 

Additionally, the grant will also be used toward the development of 40 residential substance abuse treatment beds. The treatment facility will also house a 24-hour drop-off, particularly for law enforcement, and an observation unit. The observation unit will assist in the diversion of individuals with behavioral health issues from unnecessary incarceration. These services are all located in Sierra Vista.

Cochise County Mental Health Support Team Project.

This project recruits 4 behavioral health professionals to work from within the Sheriff’s Office as the Cochise County Mental Health Support Team (MHST). Members of the MHST will be trained in Crisis Intervention Techniques and respond to crisis calls. The MHST will support school counseling services, other mental health programs, and the county jail to reduce recidivism. Additionally, the MHST will create multi-level peer support and mental health wellness programs. The MHST covers all of Cochise County. 

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