Legacy Foundation of Southeast Arizona

Each Year Canyon Vista Medical Center and the Legacy Foundation of Southeast Arizona seek to recognize those former or current residents of Cochise county who have worn the uniform of the nation’s armed forces and have substantially contributed to their community.

The idea for honoring our veterans arose when… during the last days of Canyon Vista Medical Center construction… a committee of citizens and hospital representatives were involved in developing a decoration plan for the new hospital.

Recognizing that our community is heavily populated with veterans and has a strong military heritage going back to 1877 when Fort Huachuca was formed, the committee felt a statement should be made that in essence said, “Thank you for your service”.

A committee member suggested that our veterans be honored in the decorating plan… and the Veterans Wall was “born.”

To date, through 2022, 72 men and women have been honored for their service. These individuals were not only patriotic  military personnel, but they continued to serve once their uniforms hung in the closet of memories.

The Legacy Foundation is proud to stand behind those who have served and is honored to partner with Canyon Vista Medical Center each year in the Veterans Wall Event.

Past Years

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