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Lanny Kope, EdD, Receives Special Recognition from the Legacy Foundation

Dr. Lanny Kope, Emeritus board member of the Legacy Foundation of Southeast Arizona, was recently recognized by the Legacy Foundation board of directors for his ongoing contributions to the Legacy Foundation and to the community.

Dr. Kope was instrumental in creating the Veteran’s Wall and was founding chair of the Veteran’s Wall committee. The Veteran’s Wall is located at Canyon Vista Medical Center and is a collaborative event between Canyon Vista Medical Center and the Legacy Foundation. The Veteran’s Wall recognizes veterans throughout Cochise County for their participation in military service as well as community service work. Dr. Kope has been actively engaged in promoting the Veteran’s Wall, reviewing nominations, participating in the selection of candidates, and honoring those chosen by commemorating each one on the Veteran’s Wall.

Having been an active member of numerous boards of directors during his career, Dr. Kope also shares his wealth of knowledge by providing one-on-one technical support on the topic of Board Governance. Each month, Dr. Kope sets aside time to meet with individuals from nonprofit agencies interested in learning the ins-and-outs on how to run a successful board. Dr. Kope provides insight into fiduciary responsibilities, by-laws, policies, mission and vision, and more. Underwritten by the Legacy Foundation, Dr. Kope’s mentoring is available to nonprofits at no cost.

Each year, the Legacy Foundation publishes its Annual Report, summarizing the activities of the year including grants, events, highlights, and achievements. With proper grammar in mind and attention to the flow of content, Dr. Kope previews the Annual Report making edits, corrections and comments. It is a time-consuming task which benefits the final version of the Annual Report. Thank you, Dr. Kope!

Dr. Kope’s many years of experience in education and healthcare are drivers behind the numerous informative commentaries he publishes in the Herald Review. Commentaries by Dr. Kope highlight the work of nonprofits such as the Legacy Foundation and the Salvation Army, challenges in healthcare access and coverage, updates on Canyon Vista Medical Center achievements, impact of food insecurity, changes in government policy and much more. Dr. Kope does his research and provides both awareness and insight into local issues.

Thank you, Dr. Kope, for your ongoing support of the Legacy Foundation and your support of nonprofits throughout Cochise County. Your commitment to continued service is monumental. You are greatly appreciated.

Dr. Kope received a plaque from the Legacy Foundation board at the May Board meeting.

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