Legacy Foundation of Southeast Arizona

Cochise County’s First Accessible Playground

June 2018

Each year the Legacy Foundation of Southeast Arizona offers an Innovative Grant for projects that meet the following criteria for innovative:

New and innovative way to perform existing program

New idea that’s never been tried

Project creates new collaborative partnerships

New program for your organization

New project for your organization

The grant pays up to $50,000 a year for up to two years.

Recently, Sierra Vista, Arizona reaped the benefits of the Innovative Grant cycle when an innovative project proposed by Premier Alliances came to completion and to life. The project, Cochise County’s first Accessible Playground made playground equipment accessible for children who use wheelchairs or children with other physical or developmental disabilities. The playground equipment was placed in amongst the original playground equipment at Veteran’s Park making the playground space all inclusive, facilitating families and friends staying and playing together. 

The Accessible Playground project met several of the criteria described above including creating new collaborative partnerships. In addition to receiving funds from the Legacy Foundation, Premier Alliances also partnered with the City of Sierra Vista who provided the playground space and maintenance of the playground. Premier Alliances received an Innovative Grant for $50,000 in January 2018 and the playground ribbon cutting occurred on June 14th, 2018. The playground equipment was quickly put to great use resulting in big smiles and laughter. Some children in attendance had never been on a swing before.

According to Premier Alliances:

The playground features a six-seat swing set with supportive seats, a merry-go-round, spinning seat and individual wheelchair swing. Each piece of equipment sits atop a rubberized surface allowing for access with a wheelchair, while the playground itself is directly adjacent to the park’s existing playground, allowing for full inclusive play. A wide concrete sidewalk also connects the new equipment to an existing walkway, provided greater ease of access.

Do you have an innovative idea? The Innovative Grant cycle is currently open and accepting applications. Visit “Our Grants” located on our website for more information.

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