Legacy Foundation of Southeast Arizona

Legacy Foundation Funds Healthy Smiles for Our Children!

According to the Arizona Department of Health Services in 2015, 62.9% of third graders in Cochise County had a dental decay experience. Additionally, 31.6% of Cochise County third graders were in need of urgent dental care.

Recognizing the need for healthy teeth and good oral care for our children, U of A South Cooperative Extension, with a grant funded by the Legacy Foundation of Southeast Arizona, is taking dental education into the schools and providing dental sealants to children at the schools around Cochise County. Pictured here are a second grader and a sixth grader receiving oral exams and dental sealants during their day at school.

Bright healthy smiles are a wonderful thing, brought to you in part by the U of A South Cooperative Extension in partnership with the Legacy Foundation of Southeast Arizona!

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