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Legacy Foundation Awards the Salvation Army

The Legacy Foundation awarded the Salvation Army a grant in the amount of $300,000.00. The following is a story shared by Major Bob Schmig from the Salvation Army about the impact of the funds they received.

We have been very blessed in The Salvation Army by the generosity of The Legacy Foundation and we are extremely thankful for the assistance we have received from them.

Currently, we serve over 300 meals a week in addition to our other social services as well as spiritual services, we do this in a small 1600 square foot building. Anybody who has ever been here for one of our feedings can tell you just how cramped the space can be. We serve the food in a room no more than the size of the average family living room (325 square feet) and our faithful volunteers prepare the food in a 67 square foot kitchen no bigger than a walk-in closet. It is in the same 325 square foot room where we do our social service intake as well. Down the hall sits our one single use bathroom and very small food pantry from which we hand out food boxes for families in need.

As you can imagine, the demand for a new building has been great and will be even greater as hurting families continue to struggle. Our new 10,000 square foot facility which we are building, with the help of a major donation by the Legacy Foundation, will enable us to offer our current services much more efficiently, it will allow us to expand these current programs and it will eventually help us to be able to start new programs such as after school programs and programs for single mothers.

As of right now the ground has been moved on our lot, the area is fenced off and we’re beginning construction. Thank-you Legacy Foundation for helping make a difference in our community and for helping make dreams come true!!

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